Applying Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Global Health

Here you’ll learn more about what gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) mean and why they are essential to global health.

You will also find top tips and actions which together form pathways to greater equality and inclusion within your projects.

As you move through the course, we hope that you will enhance your knowledge and understanding of:

  • Gender equality and social inclusion concepts and terminology
  • The importance of GESI in all walks of life, including healthcare delivery
  • What is meant by a GESI approach and how to integrate GESI in project design and delivery
  • How to be GESI responsive
  • How to measure change
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Chapter 1: Unpacking GESI Terms

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Chapter 2: Gaining Support and Buy-In

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Chapter 3: Why Is GESI Important In Project Planning and Implementation?

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Chapter 4: How To Take A GESI Approach

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Chapter 5: How To Be GESI Responsive

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Chapter 6: Measuring Change and Improvements

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Chapter 7: Test Your Knowledge

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